Lists of Women at the Tudor Court


(last updated 2/14/2015)

The following are taken from a variety of sources, including a great number of biographies. Of particular use were Janet Arnold’s Queen Elizabeth’s Wardrobe Unlock’d, Barbara Harris’s English Aristocratic Women, Maria Hayward’s Dress at the Court of Henry VIII, two doctoral dissertations and entries in the L&P.


All individuals marked with an * have entries under their maiden names in Kathy Lynn Emerson’s A Who’s Who of Tudor Women, as do some individuals whose names are not marked. I'm slowly cross-checking and adding these. It's probably worth taking a look at the Who's Who even if there isn't a * there yet. Many names are also repeated, sometimes with variant spellings, from list to list.


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Household of Queen Elizabeth of York


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Elizabeth Baptiste

Frances Baptiste

*Margaret Belknap

Margaret Bone

*Mary Brandon
*Anne Browne
*Elizabeth, wife of John Burton
*Elizabeth Catesby

*Elizabeth Chamber/Chambre

*Anne Cromer

*Agnes Dean, laundress
*Margaret Ellerbek

*Eleanor Fitzherbert
*Anne Greene
*Catherine Gordon
*Anne Hubbard

Elizabeth Hubbard
*Catherine Hussey

*Elizabeth Jerningham

Eleanor Johns or Jones

Elizabeth Lee

*Anne Neville
*Anne Percy
*Cecily Plantagenet
*Katherine Plantagent
*Eleanor Pole
*Joan (sic) Popyncourt
*Eleanor Radcliffe

Mary Radcliffe
*Mary Roos
*Anne Sandys

*Elizabeth Saxby

*Anne Say

*Katherine Scales

*Elizabeth Scrope
*Anne Skelling
*Elizabeth Stafford
Joan Steward
*Joan Vaux
Katherine Vaux

Dorothy Verney
*Anne Weston

*Margaret Whetehill
*Margaret Wotton



Household of Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales 1488


Lady Elizabeth Darcy, lady mistress
received an annuity of £46 in June 1487 and an additional 40 marks in 1488

Catherine Gibbs (£20 in 1488), nurse
Elizabeth Wood, gentlewoman (£6 13s. 4d.)
Amy Boteler and Emelyn Hobbes (£3 6s. 8d.)
Alison Biwimble (53s. 4d)

Households of Henry, Margaret, and Mary Tudor


*Elizabeth (Jerningham) Denton, mistress of the nursery
Anne Skeron, nurse to Mary
Jane Coling
Frideswide Putnam
Margery Gower
Joanne Case
Alice Skidmore
Alice Biwimble

Jane Coling
Frideswide Putnam
Margery Gower
Jane Care
Alice Skidmore
Alice Biwimble

*Anne Cromer, mistress of the nursery
Joanne Case

Spanish Household of Princess Catherine of Aragon


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entire household consisted of 44 persons, including 6 ladies of the household, 5 maids of honor and 2 Moroccan slaves


*Francesca de Caceres
*Elvira Manuel
*Maria de Rojas
Inez de Salinas (see *Inez de Albanos)
*Maria de Salinas

Blanche de Vargas
*Isabel/Elizabeth de Vargas
*Inez de Venegas


list of those to remain in England in 1500


*Elvira Manuel
            in her household: Juan de Cuero & wife, Katharine Cardenas, chief lady in waiting; Mary or Martina Muderra
daughter of Don Pedroda Mendoza
daughter of Doña Blanca
*Maria (or Martina) de Salazar

*Francesca de Silva (and her son)
*Katharine de Montoya
2 slaves [see *Catalina]
daughter of Inez Dalbornoz [see *Inez de Albanos] (Inez, daughter of Doña Inez, nurse to the princess)
Doña Beatris, daughter of Doña Blanca (Blanche de Vargas?; also a son of Doña Blanca)

niece of ___ Morales
laundress: wife of Andres Martines


Ladies given "manteletts and kercheffes" for the Funeral of Henry VII


These are taken from the list in the L&P of Henry VIII for 1509 with my identifications in brackets.

In the household of the Princess of Castile [Henry VII's daughter, Mary Tudor]

Lady Katherine [*Katherine Plantagenet, Lady Courtenay]
Lady Fitzwalter [*Elizabeth Stafford or *Margaret Whetehill]
Lady Anne Percy
the lady of Kent [Elizabeth Hussey]
*Lady Gordon [Lady Catherine Gordon]
*Lady Verney [Eleanor Pole]
*Lady Marzen [Margaret Ellerbek]
*Mrs. Redyng [Mary Brandon]
*Mrs. [Elizabeth] Catesby
*Mrs. Denys [Mary Roos]
*Mrs. Weston [Anne Sandys]
*Mrs. Jerningham [Mary Scrope]
Mrs. Buchram
*Mrs. [Jane] Popyncourt
Mrs. Kateryn
Mrs. Sapcote [*Alice Vaux?]

In the household of the Princess of Wales [Catherine of Aragon]

*Dame Agnes [Inez] Vanegas
Dame Maria de Gavara
Katerina Fortes, gentlewoman
*Maria de Salinas, gentlewoman
John de Quero's wife, gentlewoman
Kateryn Montoya, gentlewoman (Katherine Cardenas)
Kateryn de Gavara, chamberer (Maria de Gravara, who was with Catherine when she became queen?)
Isabel de Vanegas, chamberer

In the household of the king's granddame [Margaret Beaufort]

Lady Jane [*Joan Vaux, Lady Guildford]
Lady Willoughby
Mrs. Clifford
Mrs. Parker
Mrs. Fowler [Edith Dynham, wife of Thomas]
Mrs. Stanhope [*Elizabeth Bourchier?]
Mrs. Jane
Mrs. Ratcliff
Perott Doren [Perrot Doryn, a Frenchwoman], chamberer
Jane Walter, chamberer

[retired by this time was Elizabeth Massey, who had an annuity from Margaret Beaufort and had died before May 6, 1511, when that annuity was granted to someone else]


Household of Princess Mary Tudor, later Queen of France


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Jane Barners, chamberer
*Elizabeth Catesby
*Elizabeth Saxby
*Elizabeth, wife of Reginald Wolvenden

Ladies who remained in France with Mary Tudor:

*Mary Boleyn
*Lady Joan/Jane Bourchier
*Mary Fiennes
*Lady Elizabeth Grey
*Elizabeth Grey of Wilton
*Florence Hastings, Lady Grey de Wilton?
*Anne Jerningham (later Anne Grey)

Ladies who were sent home:

Anne Denny
*Anne Devereux
*Elizabeth Ferrers
*Joan Vaux, Lady Guildford
Mistress Wotton (*Mary Wotton?)


Household of Queen Catherine of Aragon


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In 1509: 147-160 persons, including 33 aristocratic women (18 wives or daughters of peers). According to Eric Ives, Catherine still had a household of 200, including 30 maids of honor, in 1531.


Ladies in Waiting (8):

*Anne Hastings, Countess of Derby

*Anne Hastings, Countess of Shrewsbury

*Mary Say, Countess of Essex

*Elizabeth Scrope, Countess of Oxford

*Margaret Scrope, Countess of Suffolk

*Anne Stafford, Lady Hastings

*Elizabeth Stafford, Lady Fitzwalter

*Agnes Tylney, Countess of Surrey


replacements by 1517:

*Maud Green, Lady Parr

*Elizabeth Howard, Lady Boleyn (or possibly *Anne Tempest, Lady Boleyn)

*Margaret Plantagenet, Lady Pole

*Joan Vaux, Lady Guildford


Ladies of the Bedchamber (8)

*Anne Bourchier, Lady Dacre of the South

Margaret Brent (?), Lady Bergavenny

Mabel or Margaret Dacre, Lady Scrope

Mary Grey, Lady Ferrers of Chartley (or her mother-in-law, Cecilia Bourchier)

Lady Percy [*Lady Anne Percy, who became the second wife of Lord Maltravers in 1511 and was Countess of Arundel 1524+]

*Inez de Venegas, Lady Mountjoy (Lord Mountjoy’s 2nd wife)

*Elizabeth Willoughby, Lady Maltravers


Maids of Honor (over the period 1509-1536):

*Dorothy Badby

*Elizabeth Blount

*Gertrude Blount

*Anne Boleyn

*Joan Champernowne

*Elizabeth Darrell

*Margery Horsman

*Frideswide Knight

*Mary Norris

Katherine Payne [later married Thomas Holles]

*Jane Popyngcort

*Maria de Salinas

*Jane Seymour

*Anne Stanhope

*Lucy Talbot

Anne Weston

*Mary Zouche



October 18, 1511:
*Elizabeth Collins
*Elizabeth Lisle
*Margaret Pennington
*Elizabeth Vargas (Isabel de Vargas)

November 18, 1514:
*Elizabeth Collins
Blanche Merbury
*Margaret Mulshoo
*Elizabeth Vargas

Jane Barners

*Elizabeth Kempe

August 1520
*Elizabeth Soulden

in unspecified positions:

Margaret ap Owen; widow of Thomas (d. by July 1, 1511); mother of Rees
Margaret Atwell (1529)
*Mary Boleyn, Lady Carey
*Margaret Bourchier, Lady Bryan
*Mary Brandon, Mrs. Redyng (at least from 1509-1515)
*Mabel Clifford, Lady Fitzwilliam
*Elizabeth Dannett
*Alice Davy
*Margaret Ellerbek, Mrs. Marzen
Elizabeth Ferrers
*Lady Catherine Gordon
Margaret, Lady Grey *Catherine Hussey, Lady Bray
*Anne Jerningham
*Anne Knyvett, Lady St. Leger
*Anne Knyvett ("one of the queen's gentlewomen" before 1527)
*Eleanor Pole, Lady Verney (Lady Verney the younger?)
*Eleanor Radcliffe, Lady Lovell
*Mary Roos, Mrs. Denis/Denys
*Anne Sandys, Mrs. Weston
*Elizabeth Scrope, Lady Pechey
*Mary Scrope, Lady Jerningham
Anne Verney, Lady Weston
*Elizabeth, wife of Reginald Wolvenden
*Margaret Wotton, Marchioness of Dorset

Ladies at table with the queen, July 1517:

Lady Jane Guildford
Margaret, Marchioness of Dorset
Elizabeth, Countess of Surrey
Mary, Lady Willougby
Lady Mabel Fitzwilliam
Lady Elizabeth Boleyn
Alice, Lady Mountjoy
Lady Elizabeth Grey

Ladies living at court and participating in revels 1517-18:

*Elizabeth Blount
*Anne Browne
Margaret Bruges
*Elizabeth Bryan, Lady Carew
*Margaret Bryan, Lady Guildford
*Anne Carew
*Elizabeth Dannett
*Mary Fiennes
*Alice Kebel, Lady Mountjoy (Lord Mountjoy's 3rd wife)
*Anne Knyvett, Lady St. Leger
*Elizabeth Stafford, Countess of Surrey
Anne Weston
*Mary Wotton

Ladies at court in January 1518:

Lady Norfolk
Lady Mountjoy
Lady Darrell

Twelve performers at Cardinal Wolsey's banquet in 1518:

The French Queen
Lady Guildford younger
Lady Carew
Elizabeth Blount
Lady St. Leger
Anne Carew
Anne Browne (daughter of Sir Matthew)
Anne Wotton
Mary Fiennes
Margaret Bruges

Ladies given "rewards" in January 1519:

The French Queen
Lady of Norfolk
Lady Marquess
Lady Kateryn
Ladies Surrey, Hastings, Daubeney, Bullayn, Salisbury, Shelton, Neville, and Fitzwalter


Ladies accompanying Catherine of Aragon to the Field of Cloth of Gold, 1520


(note: many of these women do have entries but I haven’t had a chance to go through and add their maiden names or mark them with an *)

Duchess of Buckingham (Eleanor Percy) and 3 gentlewomen
Countess of Stafford (Ursula Pole) and 3 gentlewomen
Countess of Westmorland and 3 gentlewomen (although identified in some accounts as Catherine Stafford, the             previous earl was still living and his countess was Margaret Booth)
Countess of Shrewsbury (Elizabeth Walden) and 3 gentlewomen
Countess of Devon (Gertrude Blount) and 3 gentlewomen
Countess of Derby (Anne Hastings) and 3 gentlewomen
Countess of Oxford (Anne Howard) and 3 gentlewomen
Countess Dowager of Oxford (Elizabeth Scrope) and 3 gentlewomen
Lady Fitzwalter (Elizabeth Stafford) and 2 gentlewomen
Lady Boleyn (Elizabeth Howard) and 2 gentlewomen
Lady Willoughby d'Eresby (Maria de Salinas) and 2 gentlewomen
Lady Bergavenny (Mary Stafford) and 2 gentlewomen
Lady Cobham (Elizabeth Hart) and 2 gentlewomen
Lady Elizabeth Grey and 2 gentlewomen
Lady Anne Grey and 2 gentlewomen
Lady Scrope (Mabel Dacre? Eleanor Windsor?) and 2 gentlewomen
Lady Morley (Alice St. John) and 2 gentlewomen
Lady Hastings (Anne Stafford) and 2 gentlewomen
Lady Montague (Jane Neville) and 2 gentlewomen
Lady Daubeney (Elizabeth Neville) and 2 gentlewomen
Lady Mountjoy (Alice Kebel) and 2 gentlewomen
Lady Grey, Lord John's wife and 2 gentlewomen
Lady Willoughby de Broke (Dorothy Grey) and 2 gentlewomen
Lady Guildford the elder (Joan Vaux) and 2 gentlewomen
Lady Vaux and 1 woman
Lady Fettiplace and 1 woman
Lady Parr, widow (Maud Green) and 1 woman
Lady Rice and 1 woman
Lady Darrell and 1 woman
Lady Guildford the Younger (Margaret Bryan) and 1 woman
Lady Selenger/St. Leger (Anne Knyvett) and 1 woman
Lady Parr (Mary Salisbury) and 1 woman
Lady Compton (Werburga Brereton) and 1 woman
Lady Finch (Katherine Gainsford) and 1 woman
Lady Hopton and 1 woman
Lady Tilney and 1 woman
Lady Wingfield, Sir Richard's wife (Bridget Wiltshire) and 1 woman
Lady Owen (Anne Devereux?) and 1 woman
Lady Boleyn, Sir Edward's wife (Anne Tempest) and 1 woman
Lady Wingfield, Sir Anthony's wife (Elizabeth Vere) and 1 woman
Lady Clare and 1 woman
Lady Neville, Sir John's wife and 1 woman
Mistress Carew (Elizabeth Bryan) and 1 woman
Mistress Cheyney and 1 woman
Mistress Courtenay and 1 woman
Mistress Norris (Mary Fiennes) and 1 woman
Mistress Fitzwarren and 1 woman
Mistress Wotton and 1 woman
Mistress Browne and 1 woman
Mistress Finch and 1 woman
Mistress Cornwallis and 1 woman
Mistress Coke/Cooke (Margaret Pennington) and 1 woman
Mistress Parris and 1 woman
Mistress Victoria (wife of Dr. Fernando Vittorio) and 1 woman
Mistress Appleyard and 1 woman
Mistress Cary, Lord Fitzwater's daughter and 1 woman
Mistress Coffyn (Margaret Dymoke) and 1 woman
Mistress Parker and 1 woman
Mistress Jerningham, widow (Mary Scrope) and 1 woman
Mistress Bruce and 1 woman
Mistress Danet and 1 woman
Mistress Poyntz, Sir Anthony's daughter (Margaret Poyntz) and 1 woman
Mistress Catherine Mountoria and 1 woman
Mistress Lawrence and 1 woman
Mistress Anne Wentworth and 1 woman
Mistress Bridget Longan and 1 woman
Chamberers: (no women servants)
Mistress Kempe
Mistress Margett
Mistress Margery

Ladies participating in a masque on March 3, 1521/2:

The French Queen
Countess of Devon
Anne Boleyn
Mistress Carre [Mary Boleyn Carey]
Mrs. Parker [Jane]
Mistress Browne
Mistress Dannett

Ladies who refused to take the Oath of Supremacy and were sent away in December 1533:

Emma Browne

*Elizabeth Darrell

Elizabeth Fynes

Elizbeth Lawrence

Elizabeth Otwell

Marjorie Otwell (had a daughter named Isabel; left £40 by Catherine of Aragon in 1536)

Blanche Twyforde (left £100 by Catherine of Aragon in 1536)

Dorothy Wheler or Whiller (left £40 by Catherine of Aragon in 1536)



Anne Boleyn’s Household


Description: Description: C:\Users\Kathy Emerson\Documents\My Web Sites\Kateemersonhistoricals\httpdocs\boleyn,anne(resized).jpg



Anne's ladies on her visit to France before her marriage ~ 20-30 ladies with four unnamed maids of honor:

*Mary Boleyn, Lady Carey
*Dorothy Howard, Lady Derby
*Elizabeth Howard, Lady Fitzwalter
*Jane Parker, Lady Rochford
*Honor Grenville, Lady Lisle
*Elizabeth Harleston, Lady Wallop

Anne Boleyn’s Household before she was queen

(from Christmas 1528):

*Anne Gainsford, later wife of George Zouche
*Elizabeth Harleston [m. Sir John Wallop (1490-1552) at Windsor June 8, 1530)
George Zouche, equerry

after Anne became Marchioness of Pembroke in 1532:

*Elizabeth Holland
*Anne Savage

Anne Boleyn's Coronation Procession (from Chapter 12, Jane Boleyn by Julia Fox):

on horseback:
*Jane Parker, Lady Rochford
*Mary Howard, Countess of Richmond
*Dorothy Howard, Countess of Derby
Countess of Worcester
Countess of Sussex
2 other ladies
in first chariot:
Dowager Duchess of Norfolk
widow of Marquess of Dorset
second chariot:
Elizabeth Howard, Countess of Wiltshire
2 other countesses
12 ladies on horseback
third chariot:
Lady Fitzwarren
Mary Zouche
Margery Horsman
Mary Carey
Lady Morley
Lady Boleyn
fourth chariot:
Madge Shelton
Kate Ashley [? Katherine Champernowne was not yet married]
female servants in red livery

Household of Queen Anne Boleyn, 1533+

Maids of Honor (taken mostly from January 1534 list)
Mrs. Marshall, mistress of the maidens
*Jane or Joan Ashley
____ Gambaige (*Margaret Gamage?; became the second Lady Howard 1535)
*Elizabeth Holland
*Margery Horsman “of the queen’s wardrobe”
*Mary Norris
Anne Saville
*Jane Seymour
*Margaret Shelton
*Mary Zouche

Ladies in Waiting
*Mary Boleyn, Lady Carey AKA Mary Rochford
*Anne Bray, Lady Cobham
*Elizabeth Browne, Countess of Worcester
*Nan Cobham
*Lady Mary Howard
*Elizabeth Isley, Mrs. Hill/Hilles
*_______ Morres (possibly Mary Norris?)
*Grace Newport, Lady Parker
_______ Nurse (possibly Mary Orchard—see under chamberers)
*Jane Parker, Lady Rochford
*Margaret Parker, Lady Shelton
*Eleanor Paston, Countess of Rutland
*Anne Savage,Lady Berkeley
Margaret Stanley, Countess of Sussex
_____ Toppes
*Frances de Vere, Countess of Surrey

Mary Orchard, Anne’s old nurse

other ladies at court but probably NOT in Anne’s household

Lady Brynton (Baynton? *Isabel Legh?)
*Lady Margaret Douglas [aka Lady Margaret Angwisshe (Angus)]
*Katherine Boughton, Lady Howard (before 1535)
*Elizabeth Grey, Lady Kildare
Lady Margaret Grey
*Blanche Milbourne, Lady Herbert of Troy
*Anne Rawson, Lady Stanhope
*Elizabeth Seymour, Lady Ughtred
*Catherine Skipwith (c.1484-c.1575), Mrs. Heneage?
*Elizabeth Walden, Countess of Shrewsbury (1491-1567)
*Catherine Willoughby, Duchess of Suffolk
*Elizabeth Wood, Lady Boleyn
Lady Zouche (probably *Anne Gainsford)

*Joan North, Mrs. Wilkinson
*Elizabeth Philip

With Anne Boleyn in the Tower of London:

*Anne Boleyn, Lady Shelton
*Margaret Dymoke, Mrs. Coffyn
Mary Orchard
*Mary Scrope, Lady Kingston
*Elizabeth Wood, Lady Boleyn
4 unnamed young ladies


Jane Seymour’s Household


Description: Description: C:\Users\Kathy Emerson\Documents\My Web Sites\Kateemersonhistoricals\httpdocs\seymour,jane(resized).jpg



Maids of Honor:

*Jane Arundell

*Mary Arundell

*Jane Ashley

*Anne Bassett

*Margery Horsman

*Elizabeth Jerningham

*Mary Norris

*Anne Parr

*Mary Zouche


Mother of Maids:

*Margaret (or Anne) Foliot, Mrs. Stonor


Chief Chamberer:

*Mrs. Fitzherbert


in unspecified positions:

*Mary Brandon, Lady Mounteagle

*Elizabeth Oxenbridge

*Jane Parker, Lady Rochford

*Eleanor Paston, Countess of Rutland



Queen Jane’s Funeral Procession


First Chariot:

*Mary Arundell, Countess of Sussex

*Frances Brandon, Marchioness of Dorset

*Mabel Clifford, Countess of Southampton

Cecily Daubeney, Countess of Bath

*Lady Margaret Douglas

*Eleanor Paston, Countess of Rutland

Elizabeth Trussell, Countess of Oxford


Second Chariot:

*Elizabeth Bryan, Lady Carew

Lady Margaret Grey

*Jane Parker, Lady Rochford

Dorothy Howard, Countess of Derby


On Horseback:

*Alys Gage, Lady Browne

*Jane Guildford, Lady Dudley

*Anne Sapcote, Lady Russell

Alice St. John, Lady Morley

and others


Third Chariot:

*Anne Bray, Lady Cobham

*Margaret Dymoke, Lady Coffin

*Jane Hallighwell, Lady Bray

*Mary Scrope, Lady Kingston



*Elizabeth Harleston, Lady Wallop

*Margery Horsman, Lady Lister

*Anne Pickering, Lady Knyvett

*Catherine Skipwith, Lady Heneage



Fourth Chariot:

*Jane Ashley, Mrs. Mewtas

*Elizabeth Holland

*Mary Norris

*Anne Parr

*Mary Zouche



*Elizabeth Seymour, Lady Cromwell



Fifth Chariot:

*Anne Bassett

*Mrs. Fitzherbert

*Dorothy Gates, Mrs. Josselyn

Mrs. Rastell

Mrs. Uxbridge



Anne of Cleves’s Household


Description: Description: C:\Users\Kathy Emerson\Documents\My Web Sites\Kateemersonhistoricals\httpdocs\anneofcleves(resized).jpg



Ladies who met Anne of Cleves at Dover:

the Duchess of Suffolk

Lady Cobham

Lady Hart

Lady Haulte

Lady Finche (probably *Katherine Gainsford, wife of Sir William)

Lady Hales (wife of Sir James?)


Great Ladies of the Household

*Mary Arundell, Countess of Sussex

*Frances Brandon, Marchioness of Dorset

*Lady Margaret Douglas

*Elizabeth Grey, Lady Audley

*Mary Howard, Duchess of Richmond

*Eleanor Paston, Countess of Rutland


Privy Chamber:

*Jane Guildford, Lady Dudley

*Susanna Hornebolt, Mrs. Gilman

*Isabel Legh, Lady Baynton

*Jane Parker, Lady Rochford

*Catherine St. John, Lady Edgecumbe 


Gentlewomen in Attendance:

*Jane Ashley, Lady Mewtas

*Jane Cheney, Lady Wriothesley

*Jane Guildford, Lady Dudley

*Elizabeth Seymour, Lady Cromwell

*Catherine Skipwith, Lady Heneage


Maids of Honor (6)

*Anne Bassett

*Dorothy Bray

*Catherine Carey

*Catherine Howard

*Mary Norris

*Ursula Stourton


Mistress of the Queen’s Maids:

Mother Lowe

*Margaret (or Anne) Foliot, Mrs. Stonor



Anne of Cleves's Household after 1540


*Catherine Bassett [mistakenly called Elizabeth Bassett in some sources]
Frances Lilgrave, widow
Jane Ratsey
Mrs. Sympson
*Dorothy [Fitzherbert] Wingfield, widow

mentioned in Anne of Cleves's will, 1557
Susan Boughton
Mary Brudenell
Katherine Chayre/Chare and Anne, her daughter
*Dorothy Curzon
Anne Egerton
Elizabeth Eliott, laundress
*Elizabeth Guildford
*Mary Hall
Anne Haymond
Mother Lovell
Dorothy Potter
Magdalen [or *Maud Curzon, wife of Nicholas] Tatton
Elya Turpen, former laundress
Eleanor Vaughan and Anne, her daughter
Jane Whittington
*Dorothy [Fitzherbert, widow of John] Wingfield

In Anne of Cleves's funeral procession:
*Mary Fitzalan, Duchess of Norfolk
*Margaret Gamage, Lady Howard
*Alice Squire, Lady North
Anne Pelham, Lady Capel
Ela Fitzlewis, wife to Sir John Mordaunt
Anne Cheyne, wife to Sir Edmund Peckham
Mary Carew, Lady Darcy
wife to Sir Robert Oxenbridge
*Martha Denny, widow of Sir Wymond Carew
*Dorothy Fitzherbert, widow of John Wingfield
Susan Boughton
Mary Nawnton, wife to Raphe Haymond
*Dorothy Curzon
Lucy Brudenell
*Elizabeth Guildford
Mary Brudenell
*Mary Hall
Jane Whittington
*Maud Curzon, wife to Nicholas Totton
[Anne Edgerton and Dorothy Potter were sick at home and did not attend]
Katheryn, wife to Thomas Chayre, a Dutch woman
Mrs. Hamond
Elizabeth Rastell, wife to John Tyteley
Elizabeth Capell, lady marquesse of Winchester and 3 women
Mary More (*Mary Scrope, wife of Thomas More)
Mary Babb'm



Catherine Howard’s Household


Description: Description: C:\Users\Kathy Emerson\Documents\My Web Sites\Kateemersonhistoricals\httpdocs\howard,catherine(resized).jpg


From a mss. quoted by Agnes Strickland:

Great Ladies of the Household :

*Lady Margaret Douglas
*Mary Howard, Duchess of Richmond
*Duchess of Norfolk [incorrectly identified by Strickland as Katherine Willoughby, who was Duchess of Suffolk; this was *Agnes Tylney, the queen's step-grandmother]
*Margaret Arundell, Countess of Sussex
*Margaret Gamage, Lady Howard
*Ursula Stourton, Lady Clinton

Ladies of the Privy Chamber
*Eleanor Paston, Countess of Rutland
*Jane Parker, Lady Rochford
*Isabel Legh, Lady Baynton
*Catherine St. John, Lady Edgecumbe

Gentlewomen of the Privy Chamber
*Anne Parr, Mrs. Herbert
*Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Mrs. Tyrwhitt
Mrs Leye [Lee? Legh?]
*Susanna Hornebolt, Mrs. Gilmyn

*Katherine Tylney
Margaret Morton
Mrs. Fryswith
Mrs. Luffkyn (*Maude Luffkyn)
[later: *Joan Acworth
*Alice Wilkes Restwold]

Ladies and gentlewomen attendant
*Jane Guildford, Lady Dudley
*Margaret Howard, Lady Arundell
*Joan Champernowne, Lady Denny
Jane Cheney, Lady Wriothesley
*Katherine Skipwith, Lady Heneage
Lady Knyvett (probably *Anne Shelton)
*Elizabeth Seymour, Lady Cromwell
*Jane Ashley, Mrs. Mewtas
Mrs. Broughton
[also: *Dorothy Gates, Lady Josselyn; possibly *Elizabeth Donne, Lady Denys; possibly Anne, wife of the queen’s brother, Henry Howard]

Maids of Honor
*Lady Lucy Somerset
*Mrs. Anne Bassett
Mrs. Garnyshe [Garneys?]
Mrs. Cowpledike [*Margaret Copledike?]
*Mrs. Catherine Stradling
*[Margaret (or Anne) Foliot,] Mrs. Stonor [Mother of Maids]
[later: *Dorothy Bray
*Elizabeth Fitzgerald?
*Mary Norris]


Katherine Parr’s Household


Description: Description: C:\Users\Kathy Emerson\Documents\My Web Sites\Kateemersonhistoricals\httpdocs\parr,katherine(resized).jpg


There were thirty-three aristocratic women in Katherine’s household, including ten married to peers. These occasionally included Henry VIII’s two daughters and three nieces. The household in 1547 included twenty-seven ladies ordinary and eight queen’s maids.


Great Ladies of the Household and/or members of the queen's "inner circle":

*Mary Arundell, Countess of Arundel
*Anne Calthorpe, Countess of Sussex
*Joan Champernowne, Lady Denny
*Lady Margaret Douglas
*Jane Guildford, Lady Lisle
*Anne Stanhope, Lady Hertford
*Catherine Willoughby, Duchess of Suffolk


Gentlewomen of the Privy Chamber and Bedchamber


Susan Norwich

*Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhitt

*Maud Parr, Lady Lane

*Mary Wotton, Lady Carew


Chamberers (6):

*Dorothy Fountain

___ Osborne (daughter of Edward Osborne)

Elizabeth Page, Mrs. Skipwith

*Mary Woodhull



Maids of Honor:

*Anne Bassett

*Dorothy Bray

Sir Anthony Browne’s daughter

a Carew

a Guildford

a relative of Dr. Robert Huicke

a Windsor


Mother of Maids:

*Margaret (or Anne) Foliot, Mrs. Stonor



*Lavina Bening, Mrs.Teerlinck


Christian Murset (wife of William)

in unspecified positions:

Mistress Barbara ___

*Elizabeth Bellingham, Mrs. Hutton

Anne Blechingham or Blechington

*Eleanor Browne, Lady Kempe

*Jane Cheney, Lady Wriothesley (later Countess of Southampton)
*Mrs. Eglionby

*Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Mrs. Garrett

*Margery Horsham, Lady Lister

*Anne Jerningham, Lady Walsingham

*Mistress Kendal

*Margaret Neville

*Anne Sapcote, Lady Russell

*Elizabeth Slighfield, Mrs. Huicke (wife of Dr. Robert Huicke)?

*Lucy Somerset

*Elizabeth Stonor, Lady Hoby

Mistress Syllyard

*Catherine Willoughby, Duchess of Suffolk



Household of Princess Mary, Henry VIII’s daughter



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Lady Mistress:

*Elizabeth Jerningham, Mrs. Denton (1516)

*Margaret Bourchier, Lady Bryan

*Margaret Plantagenet, Countess of Salisbury (1519; 1525-1533)

*Amata (Jane) Boleyn, Lady Calthorpe (1522-1525)



*Catherine Brydges, Mrs. Pole

Anne Bright
Margery Cousins or Consine
Ellen Hutton
Margery Parker


also in Mary's household from 1516:

Alice Baker


Avis Wood (1516)

*Beatrice ap Rice or Rhys (wife of David ap Rice or Rhys, groom) (1519-1558)


With Princess Mary at Richmond During the Field of Cloth of Gold, 1520:


*Agnes Tylney, Duchess of Norfolk
3 of her daughters (probably Lady Anne Howard, *Lady Katherine Howard and *Lady Elizabeth Howard)
Lady Margaret, wife of Lord Herbert
the Lady Grey
Lady Neville
Lord John's wife


The household in 1525-1527 in the Welsh Marches included:


*Lady Catherine Gordon, Chief Lady in Waiting
*Frances Aylmer
Alice Baker
*Catherine Brydges, Mrs. Pole
*Cecily Dabridgecourt
*Mary Dannett
Anne Darrell (or Darnell or Dannett; possibly *Anne Elmbridge Dannett)
*___ de Bruxia (wife of Peter)
*Mary Fitzherbert
Anne Knyvett (possibly *Anne Shelton, wife of Edmund Knyvett)
Elizabeth Pole
*Anne Rede
*Mary Vittorio (Mary Fernando; Mary Victoria)



____ Baptist

Helen Gwyn

Alice Parker


Between 1530 and 1533:

Frances Aylmer
*Margaret Bacon, Lady Butts
Margaret Baynton
*Mary Browne
*___ de Bruxia (wife of Peter)
*Lady Margaret Douglas, Chief Lady in Waiting
*Joan Duwes (wife of Giles)
*Anne Grey, Lady Hussey
*Katherine Grey, Lady Maltravers
*Frideswide Knight, chamberer
Alice Parker, chamberer
____ Rider


before 1536:

*Joan Fermor, maid of honor (according to Oxford DNB entry)



Forty two people in all, including:

*Frances Aylmer
*Frances Baynham
Mary Baynton
*Eleanor Browne, Lady Kempe
*Mary Browne
*Mary Kempe Finch
*Elizabeth Fitzgerald
*Barbara Hawke
*Anne Morgan
*Elizabeth Sidney
*Susan White



*Anne Parr, Lady Herbert

*Katherine Parr, Lady Latimer


before February 1545/6:

*Ellen Blount, maid of honor (according to Oxford DNB entry)




Cecily Barnes

*Frideswide Knight


"fellows in service" listed in the will of *Margaret Pennington, Lady Cooke, 1552:

Cecilia Barnes
*Anne Bassett
*Mabel Browne
*Eleanor Browne, Lady Kempe
*Anne Cooke (later Lady Bacon)
*Mary Kempe, Mrs. Fynche
___ Jerningham [*Frances Baynton]
___ Moreton (Morgan?)
*Frances Neville, Lady Waldegrave
*Anne Radcliffe, Lady Wharton
*Jane Russell
___ Stirlye (Strelley? *Frideswide Knight)
*Susan White



Marie Wilkinson









Queen Mary’s Household


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This list is complied from various sources, including the list in Appendix A of Charlotte Merton's PhD dissertation, "The Women who served Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth: Ladies, Gentlewomen and Maids of the Privy Chamber, 1553-1603"

Maids of Honor (6 at a time):
Cecily Arundell (1557)
Dorothy Boughton (1553-7)
*Anne Conyers (1557)
*Margaret Cooke (1557)
*Magdalen Dacre
*Jane Dormer (1556-7)
*Lady Catherine Grey
*Lady Mary Grey
Mary Howard (1557)
*Elizabeth Jerningham
Mary Mansell/Manxwell (1557)
Frances Neville (1558)
*Lady Jane Seymour (1557) and two of her sisters?
*Lady Anne Somerset (1557)

Mother of Maids:
Mrs. Poyntz (1557) [possibly *Margaret Saunders]

Gentlewomen of the Privy Chamber:
Elizabeth Babington
____ Barkley
*Anne Bassett
Cecily Barnes
Joan Baynham
*Mabel Browne
Dorothy Broughton
*Anne Cooke, Lady Bacon
*Sybil Hampden,Mrs. Penne
*Barbara Hawke
*Mary Kempe, Mrs. Finch
*Catherine Luttrell, Mrs. Copley
Margaret Merton
*Mary Roper, Mrs. Clarke
*Jane Russell (1554-7)
_____ Southwell
Mary Thomas
*Susan White, Mrs.Tonge (Clarencieux)

Ladies of the Privy Chamber:
*Frances Baynham, Lady Jerningham
*Anne Bourchier, Lady Parr, styled Viscountess Bourchier
*Frances Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk
*Anne Browne, Lady Petre
*Eleanor Browne, Lady Kempe
*Catherine Brydges, Lady Brooke
Elizabeth Brydges
*Cecily Dabridgecourt, Lady Mansell/Manxwell
Anne Jerningham, Lady Cornwallis
*Anne Rede, Lady Fortescue
*Frideswide Knight, Lady Strelley
*Frances Neville, Lady Waldegrave
*Anne Radcliffe, Lady Wharton

Chamberers (3 at at time):
Elizabeth Babington
Edye Brocas (1554)
Edith Brodyman/Brydyman (1556-7)
*Barbara Fuller Rice (1553-7)
Elizabeth Gilbourne/Golbourne (1553-4)
___ Mackwilliams (1557) (possibly *Mary Hill)
Mary Mitchell (1556)
*Jane Russell (1553)
Elizabeth Shirlocke/Shurlocke/Shirlock (1553, 1556-7)

*Beatrice Rice or Rhys
Margaret Hogg

Mrs. Bell

In unspecified positions:
*Dorothy Bray, Lady Brydges (1553)
*Mabel Browne, Countess of Kildare
Avis Byllyard (1556-7)
Mrs. Cavely (1556-7)
Jane Cheney, Countess of Southampton
Mrs Clyston (1556-7)
Mrs. Danyell the Elder (1556-7)
Bridget Foster (1554-5)
Mrs. Frankwell (1556-7)
Eleanor Hammond (1554-5)
Mrs. Hemmings (1556-7)
Mrs. Holland (1556-7) (possibly *Mary Holland)
Joan Hougton (1556-7)
Alice Huntercombe (1553-4)
*Isabel Legh, Lady Baynton (1554-7)
Mrs. Marchenes (1556-7)
Mrs. Henry Mink (1556-7)
Mrs. Pawne (1556-7)
Mrs. Penne of Codington (1556-7)
Mrs. Preston (1556-7)
Mrs. Raymond (1556-7)
Mary Russell (1554-7)
Anne Stanton (1556-7)
Lady Strelley (1557)
Mrs. Strelley of London (1556-7)
Mary Thomeo (1553-7)
Anne Verney, Lady Grey (1556-7)
Mrs. Weddell (1556-7)
Mrs. Welsh (1556-7)
Anne Woodhouse, Mrs. Shelton (1556-7)
Mrs. Zynzans (1556-7)


Elizabeth Tudor’s Household


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to be added at a future date: 1533-36


after 1536:

Lady Mistress:

*Blanche Milborne, Lady Troy,



*Katherine Champernowne

*Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhitt


in miscellaneous positions:

Elizabeth Candyselye (Cavendish? if so, this would be *Elizabeth Hardwick)

*Frances Edmonds

*Elizabeth Garrett

*Honora Grey

*Mary Hill

*Isabella Markham

Mary Norne (*Mary Norris?)

*Elizabeth Norwich

*Blanche Parry

*Anne Rede (married to Thomas Parry)

*Mary St. Loe

*Elizabeth Sandes

*Bridget Skipwith

*Elizabeth Venables, Mrs. Marbery

*Margaret Willoughby

Elizabeth Wynter



Jane Bradbelt (see Dorothy Broadbelt)

Alys Huntercrum/Alyse Huntremy



Agnes Hylton


with Elizabeth in the Tower of London (1554)

Blanche Courtenay

*Ethelreda Malte, Lady Harington

*Blanche Parry

*Elizabeth Sandes



Queen Elizabeth’s Household


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At least 56 women in 1558, including 11 who could be called on when required and at least 18 Great Ladies of the Household. This alphabetical list (by maiden names) covers the entire reign. If there is a date in parenthesis it is the earliest date the subject is known to have been at court. I have tried not to repeat names, although many of these women served in various positions over the years. This list is complied from various sources, including the list in Appendix A of Charlotte Merton's PhD dissertation, "The Women who served Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth: Ladies, Gentlewomen and Maids of the Privy Chamber, 1553-1603" and Joan Barbara Greenbaum Goldsmith's PhD dissertation, "All the Queen's Women: The Changing Place and Perception of Aristocratic Women in Elizabethan England 1558-1620."


Ladies of the Bedchamber:
(According to Charlotte Merton, they served 3-4 at a time and were the top level of attendants)

*Catherine Carey, Lady Knollys

*Katherine Champernowne, Lady Astley

*Elizabeth Norwich, Lady Carew

*Blanche Parry


(according to Charlotte Merton, chamberers were the bottom level of the queen's personal attendants and served 3-4 at a time):

*Dorothy Broadbelt/Bradbelt

*Jane Brussels (later Heneage) (1586)

*Bridget Chaworth (later Carr?) (1591)

*Lucy Hyde (later Osborne) (1593-1603)

*Frances Newton (later Lady Cobham) (1558)

Katherine Newton (1586)

*Elizabeth Sandes (1560-85)

*Mary Shelton (later Scudamore) (1571-4)

*Elizabeth Stafford (1569)

*Margaret Vaughan (1588)

*Elizabeth Venables, Mrs. Marbery (1558)


Maids of Honor (6 at a time):
(according to Charlotte Merton there were also "Maids of the Privy Chamber" and this list probably includes some of them, as well. "Queen's maids" seems to have been a catchall title for young women serving at court.)

*Mary Borough (1577)

Lady Susan Bowes/Bowser (1576-8)

*Dorothy Brooke (1565-8)

*Eleanor Brydges (1572)

*Elizabeth Brydges (1594)

*Frances Brydges (1590s)

*Katherine Brydges (1565)

Anne Carey (1597)

*Margaret Carey (before 1582)

*Philadelphia Carey

Anne Cavendish (1588)

*Margaret Cavendish (1589-91)

*Ann Cecil (1571)

*Lucy Cecil (1586)

*Dorothy Devereux

*Margaret Edgecumbe

*Mary Fitton (1590s)

Margaret Garrett

Lettice Garrett (1596-1603) [probably *Lettice FitzGerald, Lady Digby]

*Lady Catherine Grey (1558-60)

*Lady Mary Grey

Mary Grey (1577-8)

*Elizabeth Hastings (before 1571)

*Lady Mary Hastings (early 1580s)

*Isabel Holcroft (1572)

*Anne Hopton (1588)

*Douglas Howard (1558-9)

*Elizabeth Howard (1576-83)

*Frances Howard (1571)

*Lady Jane Howard (1558-9)

*Katherine Howard (1572)

Martha Howard (1577-8)
Mary Howard (1558-9)

*Mary Howard (1565)

*Lady Mary Howard (1590+)

Frances Johnson

*Anne Knollys

*Elizabeth Knollys (sometimes called Cecilia) (1572)

*Lettice Knollys

*Catherine Knyvett (1562)

Katherine Lee/Catherine Leigh (1591)

*Elizabeth Leighton

*Cecily MacWilliam (1587)
Margaret MacWilliam (1588)

*Bridget Manners (early 1590s)

Elizabeth Mansfield (1558-60)

Cecily Meautas

*Frances Meautas (1558-1565)

Cordell Onslow/Cordwell Anslow (1596-1603) (*Cordell Annesley)

Mary Neville (1601)

*Lady Jane Seymour

*Frances Radcliffe

*Margaret Radcliffe

*Mary Radcliffe        

*Anne Russell

*Anne Russell (1594-1600)

*Elizabeth Russell (1594-1600)

*Lady Jane Seymour (1558-60)
*Ethelred or Audrey Shelton (later Walsingham)

*Lady Elizabeth Somerset (1596)

*Lady Katherine Somerset (1596)

*Elizabeth Southwell (1588)

*Elizabeth Southwell (1599-1601)

*Elizabeth Talbot (1600)

*Elizabeth Throckmorton (1584)

*Katherine Thynne (before 1594)

*Elizabeth Trentham (1588)

*Frances Vaughan (1578)

Anne Vavasour (1601-3)

*Frances Vavasour (1590)

*Elizabeth de Vere (1593)

Mary de Vere (1574)

*Elizabeth Vernon (1597)

*Helena Von Snakenborg (1564)

Anne Windsor (1565-8)


Mother of Maids:

*Katherine Champernowne?

*Margaret Compagni, Mrs. Castiglione?

Mrs. Morris (1558)

*Elizabeth Aglionby or Eglionby (1562)

*Mrs. Jones (1588)

*Elizabeth Leche, Mrs. Wingfield (1598)

Mrs. Hyde (1601)


Privy Chamber (Ladies, Gentlewomen and Maids):

Frances Brydges, Lady Throckmorton (see *Mary Brydges)

*Catherine Carey, Lady Knollys

*Catherine Carey, Countess of Nottingham

*Margaret Clifford, Countess of Derby

*Penelope Devereux(later Lady Rich)

*Katherine Dudley, Lady Huntingdon

*Mary Dudley, Lady Sidney

Elizabeth Egerton

*Elizabeth Fitzgerald, maid

*Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Lady Clinton

*Margaret Gamage, Lady Howard

*Abigail Heveningham, maid

*Mary Hill, Mrs. Mackwilliam

Anne (?) Leche, Lady Wingfield
Katherine Lee, Lady Mountjoy

*Dorothy Lidcott, Mrs. Edmunds

*Isabella/Elizabeth Markham, Lady Harington

*Anne Morgan, Lady Hunsdon

*Elizabeth Neville, Mrs. Eynns (1558-9)

*Nazaret Newton, Lady Southwell

*Anne Rede, Lady Parry

*Elizabeth St. Loe

*Elizabeth Sandes

Bridget Skipwith (later Cave), maid of the privy chamber

*Dorothy Stafford, Lady Stafford

*Mary Talbot, maid

*Ann Vavasour
*Susan de Vere

Catherine Wykes, wife of John Habington of Hindlip


in unspecified positions (including Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlewomen of the Household):

Winfred Alen (1566?)
Mary Arundell (1600-3)
Anne Bacon (1602-3)
Margaret Baptist-Castilion (1567-88) wife of John Baptist-Castilion, groom of the privy chamber
Mrs. Barley (1567-88)
Katherine Blount (Champernon/Lady Berkeley) (1558-9) Elizabeth Bovon (1594-1603)
*Elizabeth Brooke, Lady Warner (1558-9)
*Elizabeth Brooke, Lady Cecil
Katherine Buckler, wife of Sir Walter (1558-9)
Katherine Bullosley (1600-3)
Mary Cave Weston (1558-9)
Elizabeth, Lady Cawarden (1558-9)
Lady Clarke (1558-9)
Amy Clarke, Mrs. Marvyn (1558-9)
Eliabeth Cliffe/Clyffe (1558-9)
Katherine Clinton, Lady Burgh (1558-9)
Elizabeth de Counte (1580-1603)
Lucretia de Counte/Lucretia de Tadeschi (1563-1603)
Mrs. Croxson/Crokeson (1577-8)
Mrs. Curson (1558-9)
Mrs. Dale (1577-8) [*Mary Somerset]
Mrs. Margaret Dane (1567-78)
Lady Darcy (1558-9)
Mistress Darcy (1601-3)
Mrs. Digby (1577-8)
Mary Dymmock
Anne Ferneley, Lady Gresham (1558-9)
Lady Fitzwilliam (1558-9)
*Margery Golding, Countess of Oxford (1559-1561)

*Frances Gouldwell or Goldwell (before 1573); later m. William Howard of Lingwell
Mrs. Gray (1558-9)
Anne Grey (1559?)
Elizabeth Grey, Lady Chandos (1558-9)
Elizabeth Guildford (1600-3)
Jane Handces (1576?)
*Elizabeth Hardwick, Lady St. Loe
Elizabeth Harington, Mrs. Montague (1577-90+)
Mrs. Harman (1577-8)
*Barbara Hawke
*Frances Howard, Countess of Kildare (1597)
Mrs. Huggons (1558-9)
Mrs. Huggons (1577-8)
Mrs. Huggons of Hampton Court (1567-8)
Mrs. Huggons of Norfolk (1567-8)
Elizabeth Hyde (1575+)
Ipolita the Tartarian alias Lynnet (1561-9)
Margaret Isham, Lady Arnold (1558-9)
Mrs. Julio (1577-8)
Mrs. Lichfield (1577-8)
Mrs. Loo (1567-8)
Mrs. Nott (1577-8)
Lady Palmer (1558-9)
Isabel Partridge (1545?)
*Katherine Paston, Lady Newton (1577-1603)
Mrs. Quadrin (1558-9)
Mrs. Robinson (1558-9)
Mrs. Sackford (1577-8)
Anne St. John, Mrs. Dennys (1558-9)
Agnes Seycolle (Edgerley/Lady Benger) (1558-9)
Amy Shelton (1567-88)
Elizabeth Shelton (1567-8)
*Mary Sidney (before 1577)
Mrs. Smallpage (1558-9)
Elizabeth Snowe (called “Eme”; served 1558-87 at the least; knew Elizabeth prior to 1558)
Dorothy Speckard (by 1603)
*Elizabeth Stafford
Jane Stanhope, Mrs. Townsend (1577-8)
Elizabeth Stumpe, Lady Knyvett (1558-9)
Mistress Thompson (by 1603)
Gresham Thynne (1601)
*Maria Touchet (1594)
*Margaret Vaughan, Lady Hawkins (1589-1603)
Anne Verney, Lady Poyntz (1558-9)
Mrs. Wayneham (1558=9)
Anne West
Margaret Wharton (1601)
Dorothy Willoughby, Lady Hopton (1558-9)
Mrs. Winter (1558-9)
Barbara Wolf Seymour (1558-9)
Mrs. Ellen Wolf (1567-8)
Mrs. Mary Yetsweirt/Mary Getswiert/“Mrs. Nycates” (1558-9) (married to French secretary Nicasius Yetsweirt)


Joan Hilton (1558-60)
Elizabeth Smithson/Smythson (1558-1568)
Mrs. Taylor (1567-9)
Anne Twiste (1576-1603)
Eleanor Cobham



*Alice Smythe, Mrs. Mountague

Elizabeth Green (1580s+)


Millicent Frankwell (received £40 a year for distilling in the Privy Chamber)


Ladies at Court in 1558/9 according to Progresses and Public Processions of Queen Elizabeth by John Nichols (1823) ~ listed in order of precedence?

*Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox
*Frances Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk
*Margaret Audley, Duchess of Norfolk
*Ann Stanhope, Duchess of Somerset
*Margery Golding, Countess of Oxford
Christian North, Countess of Worcester
*Margaret Neville, Countess of Rutland
*Katherine Pole, Countess of Huntingdon
Margaret St. John, Countess of Bedford
*Magdalen Dacre, Viscountess Montagu
*Lady Catherine Grey
*Margaret Gamage, Lady Howard of Effingham
*Lady Jane Howard
*Lady Eleanor Somerset
*Lady Jane Somerset
Lady Anne Grey
*Lady Mary Grey
Lady Anne Wharton (*Anne Radcliffe)
*Frances Manners, Lady Bergavenny
*Jane or Joan Fitzalan, Lady Lumley
*Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Lady Clinton
*Katherine Vere, Lady Windsor jr
*Anne Stanley, Lady Stourton
*Lucy Somerset, Lady Latimer
*Mary Neville, Lady Dacre of the South
Lady Katherine Clinton
Lady Baylbors sr (*Margaret Skipwith, Lady Talboys?)
Lady Borowe jr (Burgh)
Catherine Leigh, Lady Mountjoy
*Margaret Wentworth, Lady Williams of Thame
*Alice Squire, Lady North

Women waiting on Mary Queen of Scots during her imprisonment in England



Elizabeth Butler, laundress

Marie Courcelles

*Elizabeth Curle

*Agnes Fleming, Lady Livingstone

Alice Forster,laundress

Marie Hanet

*Christine Hogg Pages

*Jane Kennedy

*Barbara Mowbray

*Gilles Mowbray

*Marie Pages

*Elizabeth Pierrepont

Madam Rallay

*Renée Rallay, alias Beauregard, daughter of Madam Rallay

*Mary Seton

Alice Sharpe, laundress


Household of Queen Anne of Denmark (1603-1619)


Barbara Abercrombie, laundress

Lady Ayers, chamberer

*Elizabeth Cecil, Lady Hatton

*Dorothy Devereux, countess of Northumberland

*Penelope Devereux Rich Blount, Lady Mountjoy

Jane Drummond, countess of Roxborough, chief lady of the bedchamber

            queen paid £30,000 for her wedding at court

            succeeded 1617 by Barbara, Lady Ruthven

Anne Dutch, Queen’s Dutch maid

Susan Greene, chamberer

Elizabeth Grey

Mistress Hanns, chamberer

*Lucy Harington Russell, countess of Bedford

Jane Hay

*Frances Howard, countess of Kildare

*Anne Kelway, Lady Harington

*Katherine Knyvett, countess of Suffolk, keeper of the queen’s jewels

Jane Murray, wife of tutor to Prince Charles

Barbara Ruthven (c.1574-December 29, 1625), maid of honor to Queen Anne in Scotland

Beatrix Ruthven, lady of the bedchamber, married Sir John Home October 28, 1608; sister of Barbara and 5th daughter of William, 1st earl of Gowrie (1548-May 28, 1584) and Dorothea Stewart (1551-January 1, 1626)

Elizabeth Shaw (m. John Murray, later earl of Annandale; son bp. chapel royal 1617)

*Elizabeth Southwell

*Margaret Stewart, countess of Nottingham

*Lady Arbella Stuart (1603-1610)                                                                                        

Blanche Swanstead, chamberer

*Elizabeth Trevanion, Lady Carey, keeper of sweet coffers

*Elizabeth de Vere, countess of Derby

*Susan de Vere, countess of Pembroke

*Audrey Walsingham Howard, countess of Nottingham, keeper of robes

maids of honor:

Anne Carey (said to be the daughter of Sir Robert but not listed in genealogies, nor is a Mary Carey, the name listed by Joan Barbara Greenbaum Goldsmith in her dissertation, All the Queen’s Women)

*Mary Middlemore

*Mary Gargrave                                             

*Elizabeth Roper

Elizabeth Harcourt

___Woodhouse—mentioned February 2, 1603/4 as one of five maids of honor (the others being Cary, Middlemore, Gargrave and Roper) already at court; one more was apparently en route and a mother of maids had not yet been chosen

mother of maids: Elizabeth Fortescue (1603-1610)

mother of maids: Katherine Brydges (1611-1619); Goldsmith says she is the former maid of honor to Elizabeth, but that *Katherine Brydges died in 1596; *Catherine Brydges, who was not a maid of honor to Elizabeth, was Lady Russell by 1611 and later countess of Bedford, making it unlikely she would be named mother of maids.



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