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News for May 2015

5/7/15: I’m back home after Malice Domestic and more or less caught up on sleep, so it’s past time for adding to the news page. I had a wonderful time. A recap can be found at Maine Crime Writers blog. I was there as both Kathy Lynn Emerson (historical mysteries) and Kaitlyn Dunnett (the Liss MacCrimmon series set in Moosetookalook, Maine) and as both writer and reader. I’m as much a fan girl as anyone else there when it comes to meeting and talking to writers whose work I admire. I’ve been fortunate over the years in that some of them have also become friends.

In other Kathy news, the second of the Mistress Jaffrey Mysteries is now in the hands of my new editor, Faith Black, who will be sending me her notes shortly. Overlapping with that, I had sent in a couple of ideas for a third entry in that series and had started working on a story in which Rosamond goes undercover in prison to solve a murder. To tell you the truth, it wasn’t going all that well. I’d already realized that I needed to step back and do some serious research into a couple of aspects of the plot before I could move ahead. Then serendipity struck. It seems my publisher at Severn House would actually prefer to have me write the other story I suggested first. It involves a trip to Cornwall (where Rosamond’s birth mother lives with her husband) and—wait for it!—pirates. I think it’s going to be fun to write. And—serendipity again—I just happen to know someone who is an expert on all things to do with pirates.

As for Kaitlyn, the tenth entry in the Liss MacCrimmon series, Kilt at the Highland Games, is due September 1st. It has been “resting” for a month or so, which means I can start the next revision any time. After that, my beta reader will take a look, followed by at least one more revision before it’s ready to go in to my editor. The key for me is always leaving a loooong stretch in between revisions, so that I can approach each one with enough perspective to spot what needs to be fixed.

May is going to be a busy month!  


News for April 2015

This is the month when writers come out of their caves and venture forth to gatherings of like-minded folk. First up for me (as both Kathy Lynn Emerson and Kaitlyn Dunnett) is Maine Crime Wave on April 11, followed by Malice Domestic at the end of the month. I’m a finalist (as Kathy) for the best traditional mystery short story Agatha Award for my story "The Blessing Witch" and will be on a panel with the other finalists on Saturday morning, May 2.

Other than that, I am (as always) busy writing. I’ve just finished the first (of many) revision of the tenth Liss MacCrimmon Mystery (Kilt at the Highland Games) w/a Kaitlyn Dunnett. That one won’t be out until late 2016. Coming up in the fall of 2015 is the ninth in the series, The Scottie Barked at Midnight. As Kathy Lynn Emerson, I’ve turned in the second Mistress Jaffrey Mystery. The working title was Murder in the Mercery and it has been mentioned under that title in several blogs and reviews, but it will be published as Murder at the Merchant’s Hall. While waiting for my editor’s notes, I’m getting started on the next in the series. For the foreseeable future, it will be known only as Rosamond #3, since I have yet to come up with a title I like.

I’ve neglected the “What I’m Reading” section of this news page for the last couple of months, so here’s the latest there:

on my iPad in Kindle: Dana Cameron, Hellbender                              

in mass market paperback: Carola Dunn, Requiem for a Mezzo

in trade paperback: Alison Weir, Elizabeth of York: A Tudor Queen and Her World

on audiocassettes in my car: Jayne Castle, Zinnia


News for March 2015

3/1/15: First off, Murder in the Queen’s Wardrobe (written as Kathy Lynn Emerson) is now available for your Kindle or Nook as well as in hardcover. Yea! And I’ll be visiting at Dru's Book Musings on March 3 to talk about a day in the life of Rosamond Jaffrey, my sixteenth-century sleuth. Come by and comment and be entered in a drawing for a hardcover copy of the book. By the way, since a frequent criticism of historical novels in all genres is that the heroines are “too modern” to be believable, I’ve written a blog at Maine Crime Writers called “Women Could and Women Did” to back up some of the choices I made.


In other news, the short story nominees for this year’s Agatha award have launched a blog tour. Links to read all five stories can be found at the Malice Domestic website. Just click on “Awards” and scroll down to the short story category. As for the blogs, here’s the schedule:

February 20 at Criminal Minds

March 6 at Wicked Cozy Authors

March 17 at Writers Who Kill                                   

April 20 at The Stiletto Gang

There will also be another April blog at Maine Crime Writers but I don’t have a firm date yet. Stay tuned.


News for February 2015—Agatha Award Nomination

2/1/15: Great news to start the month. Agatha award finalists have been announced and my short story “The Blessing Witch” (writing as Kathy Lynn Emerson) is among them. The Agatha awards for traditional mysteries are presented every year at the Malice Domestic convention in Bethesda, Maryland. I won one back in 2009 for my 2008 nonfiction book, How to Write Killer Historical Mysteries. “The Blessing Witch” is a story set in England in 1570 but it is not part of my Face Down series. The protagonists are Old Mother Malyn, the title character, and her granddaughter and apprentice, Joan. The story was published in a collection titled Rogue Wave (Best New England Crime Stories 2015, although it actually came out in November of 2014) from Level Best Books. At some point between now and May, there will be a link to read the story at the Malice Domestic website ( and I’ll post that here when I have it.


News for January 2015

1/6/15: Happy New Year, everyone. I’ve spent the last few days sorting stats from 2014 and getting things organized for taxes. Now it’s time to start writing (as Kaitlyn Dunnett) the next Liss MacCrimmon mystery, number ten in the series. I don’t talk much about works in progress, but I will say that it starts with a startling event involving a long-time resident of Moosetookalook, Maine. These first few pages will be revised numerous times before I’m satisfied, since they carry the burden of capturing reader interest. I can visualize what happens perfectly. Finding exactly the right words to paint that same picture for readers? That’s the tricky part.

In other news, Murder in the Queen’s Wardrobe (w/a Kathy Lynn Emerson) will be out soon in the U.S. Since I now have a few author copies of the UK edition, I’m offering three of them as giveaways at Goodreads. You can enter to win at The giveaway will run from January 12th until the 26th. You will have to register with Goodreads in order to enter. While you’re there, come on over and check out my Kathy Lynn Emerson page.

I had time over the holidays to do quite a bit of reading but now there are four (count them, four) new books out today that are on my TBR pile. As of this date, here’s what I’m reading:

On my iPad in iBooks: Sarah Graves’s Winter at the Door (one of the new ones, by a fellow Maine Crime Writer)

On my iPad in Kindle: Marcia Talley’s Dead Man Dancing

On audiocassettes in my car: Dorothy Cannell’s How to Murder Your Mother-in-Law

And in the video department, I’m still binge-watching Murdoch Mysteries which is loosely based on Maureen Jennings’ excellent series about a Toronto (Canada) police detective during the reign of Queen Victoria. I’m nearly at the end of Season Six. Season Eight is the current one, running here in Maine on the Ovation Channel as The Artful Detective.


News for December 2014

12/5/14: As you know, I am no longer writing the “Secrets of the Tudor Court” series as Kate Emerson, but for those of you who have enjoyed those novels I do have a number of backlist titles that might be of interest. Since they are historical novels, they do not become dated the way fiction written with a contemporary setting tends to. First of all, there are the Face Down Mysteries (prequel to the new Mistress Jaffrey Mysteries by Kathy Lynn Emerson). There are ten novels and one collection of short stories set in the Elizabethan era and featuring Susanna, Lady Appleton, a gentlewoman who is an expert on poisonous herbs. All the titles begin with the words Face Down. The short story collection is titled Murders and Other Confusions. If mystery novels aren’t your cup of tea, I also wrote four historical romantic suspense novels that were published in paperback format in the 1990s. They are set in the sixteenth and early seventeenth century. They feature fictional characters and are not set at a royal court, but they have other elements in common with my Kate Emerson novels. The titles of the sixteenth-century books are Winter Tapestry, Unquiet Hearts, and The Green Rose. Firebrand is set in Colonial America in the 1630s. The ebooks of all of these are available through the usual outlets but I get a bigger share of the price if readers buy them using the link below. Even if you buy elsewhere, you might want to visit this page to look at the descriptions and read sample chapters.



News for November 2014

11/1/14: This isn’t really new, but it’s new to me. I was browsing over at Amazon UK and came across the Spanish translation of the first book in the “Secrets of the Tudor Court” series, The Pleasure Palace. For some reason, the title has been changed to (translated) The Tudor Spy, with a cover that I’m pretty sure doesn’t reflect any scene I wrote. Just more proof that the author has no control over how a novel is marketed. See for yourself.



News for October 2014

10/3/14: I don’t know what happened to the summer or to September. Well, yes I do—I was busy writing. Now it’s October and my 8th Liss MacCrimmon Scottish-American Heritage Mystery will be in stores on the 28th. Ho-Ho-Homicide is set in the present on a Christmas tree farm in Maine. It is written under my other pseudonym, Kaitlyn Dunnett. Click here for more information. I also blog twice a month about mystery writing, Maine, and life in general.

I am not currently writing as Kate Emerson, but for those who enjoyed my take on Tudor history, I have a considerable backlist of novels set in the period, all of them written under my real name, Kathy Lynn Emerson, and the new 16th century mystery series will launch in the spring with Murder in the Queen’s Wardrobe. For more information, click one of the choices below.

here to buy autographed hardcovers or paperbacks of out-of-print titles directly from me

here for a list of backlist titles available as ebooks (books by Kate and Kaitlyn are not included here but are available)

here for a complete list of Kathy Lynn Emerson’s books and short stories

and, of course, if you are interested in the Tudor era, take a look at my A Who's Who of Tudor Women


News for August 2014

8/1/14: July was a busy month and August is shaping up to be another. One of the highlights was a group book signing at the Beyond the Sea Book Festival in Lincolnville Beach, Maine. Here I am with fellow bloggers at Maine Crime Writers Dorothy Cannell and Kate Flora.

When not out and about, I’ve been working on the rough draft of the second mystery writing as Kathy Lynn Emerson and featuring Rosamond Jaffrey, a sixteenth-century gentlewoman who not only gets involved in solving mysteries but also ends up entangled in espionage. Spies were pretty much everywhere in England during that era. Everyone of any importance employed “intelligencers” to keep them informed of what their rivals were up to. In Rosamond’s case, the spy master is the man charged with stopping plots against the queen (Elizabeth the First), Sir Francis Walsingham. That said, my focus is on the usual things cozy mystery readers look for—a puzzle to solve, interesting characters, and no gratuitous sex or violence. The first book in the series, Murder in the Queen’s Wardrobe, will be out in the U.K. in November and in the U.S. in March 2015.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at the cover.


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