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News for August 2014

8/1/14: July was a busy month and August is shaping up to be another. One of the highlights was a group book signing at the Beyond the Sea Book Festival in Lincolnville Beach, Maine. Here I am with fellow bloggers at Maine Crime Writers Dorothy Cannell and Kate Flora.

When not out and about, I’ve been working on the rough draft of the second mystery writing as Kathy Lynn Emerson and featuring Rosamond Jaffrey, a sixteenth-century gentlewoman who not only gets involved in solving mysteries but also ends up entangled in espionage. Spies were pretty much everywhere in England during that era. Everyone of any importance employed “intelligencers” to keep them informed of what their rivals were up to. In Rosamond’s case, the spy master is the man charged with stopping plots against the queen (Elizabeth the First), Sir Francis Walsingham. That said, my focus is on the usual things cozy mystery readers look for—a puzzle to solve, interesting characters, and no gratuitous sex or violence. The first book in the series, Murder in the Queen’s Wardrobe, will be out in the U.K. in November and in the U.S. in March 2015.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at the cover.


Update on July News

7/8/14: The problem with ebooks has been resolved. The English edition is easy to find again. Yea! Credit for fast work goes to my agent, Christina Hogrebe, and to Natasha Simons at Gallery Books.

In other new news, there is a new historical short story forthcoming from me, writing as Kathy Lynn Emerson. Every year, the New England Chapter of Sisters in Crime publishes an anthology of short stories by New England writers. I don’t write short stories very often, but this year I did have an idea for one and submitted “The Blessing Witch” to Rogue Wave, the next volume in this series. I’ve just been notified that my story will be included. “The Blessing Witch” is set in 1570 in Bermondsey, just across the Thames from the Tower of London and, not exactly coincidentally, the same setting I’m using in the Mistress Jaffrey Mysteries, although those take place a bit more than a decade later. The detective and title character in “The Blessing Witch” is Old Mother Malyn, the local herb woman. Her “Watson” is her granddaughter, Joan, blessing-witch-in-training. The name comes from the fact that herb women (also called “cunning people”) were reputed to be able to unwitch those who had been bewitched. Malyn is also skilled at finding things that are lost and I have hopes of writing other stories about her in the future. She might even make an appearance in one of the Mistress Jaffrey novels.


News for July 2014

7/1/14: I’m still hard at work at Murder in the Mercery, but I wanted to post this notice for anyone who may have been trying to purchase the ebook edition of The King’s Damsel. For some reason, when the Russian language edition became available, the English edition disappeared from some of Amazon’s pages. It’s still there, but hard to find. Below is a direct link to the ebook in English and it includes a listing all editions of the book. Of course you can also buy the ebook or paperback through Barnes and Noble, iBooks and other online bookstores.

Kindle ebook

For folks in Maine later this month, I’ll be signing books at the Beyond the Sea Book Festival in Lincolnville Beach on July 26 from 12-2. Also there at that time will be fellow mystery writers Dorothy Cannell, Kate Flora, and Tess Gerritsen.

And in Russia, the Russian edition of At the King’s Pleasure is out. Here’s what the cover looks like.

russianATKP (191x300)

News for June 2014

6/7/14: Not too much to report this month. I’m proofreading the “galleys” of Ho-Ho-Homicide (w/a Kaitlyn Dunnett), which are due back at the end of the month. This is my last chance to catch typos and other errors, so it’s a time-consuming task. These uncorrected page proofs are bound into Advance Reading Copies (ARCS) and sent to reviewers, mistakes and all. So far I’m not finding too many things that need fixing, but I did catch one instance where a character knows something she’s not supposed to have heard about yet. That will definitely be fixed before the book is published.

At the same time, I’m starting work on the second Mistress Jaffrey Mystery (w/a Kathy Lynn Emerson), tentatively titled Murder in the Mercery. The first one, Murder in the Queen’s Wardrobe, due out next spring, took place in 1582 and 1583 in England and Muscovy. This one, set at the end of 1583, stays in England, but it includes scenes at Leigh Abbey and an in-person appearance by Susanna, Lady Appleton, the sleuth in my Face Down series.


News for May 2014

5/9/14: I was Guest of Honor (as Kathy Lynn Emerson) at Malice Domestic (May 2-4) this year and, needless to say, had a wonderful time. Here are a few photos from the weekend:

Kathy, about to venture out to the first panel, one on fan mail, with Dorothy Cannell, Martin Edwards, Margaret Maron, Earlene Fowler, and Joan Hess.

                        readytogo       fanmailpanel

That evening, between events, Maine Crime Writers pals Kate Flora, Barb Ross, and Lea Wait got together for supper. Photo taken by Maddy Hunter.


Saturday was a full day. I read my short story “The Kenduskeag Killer” (by Kathy Lynn Emerson) for a podcast that will be available from Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, then participated in a group signing with other Kensington authors (as Kaitlyn Dunnett), followed by the Guest of Honor interview conducted by Kate Flora. That evening was the banquet and presentation of Agatha awards. The award is a black teapot. Guests of Honor receive a tea cup—a BIG tea cup.


Sunday was another full day, including my scheduled book signing time. Below is a shot of the signing area from the sixth floor balcony, and then a closer view.

      viewfromabove (300x225)     signing


April 2014 News

4/9/14: Attention Kate Emerson fans. Kate is going back to writing under her real name, Kathy Lynn Emerson. You can read all about it, and the first book in a new historical mystery series set in Elizabethan England, by clicking on the link below.

Murder in the Queen's Wardrobe


March 2014 News

3/10/14: It seems I’m a best seller in Russia, Who knew? According to my agent, the Russian language version of The King’s Damsel was the lead title in a book club edition and ended up selling 140,000 copies. Trust me, that’s better than most of my titles do here in the U.S. I’m both pleased and surprised at this news, and have no idea what it was about this book that made it appeal to that particular audience.

russiancover (193x300)


February 2014 News

2/14/14: I just received word that Royal Inheritance has won a CataNetwork’s Reviewers’ Choice Award in the single title category. That means I can display this graphic:

And, of course, the adjective “award-winning” can go before the title. What a very nice way to start my day. 

2/12/14: I’m hard at work on the 2015 Liss MacCrimmon mystery (w/a Kaitlyn Dunnett). It’s always slow going getting started. I recently blogged about that at Maine Crime Writers. The link is here


January 2014 News

Happy New Year everyone.

1/3/14: I’m starting 2014 off with a new Kathy Lynn Emerson mystery. It’s not yet sold, so I have no idea when it might be available to read, but here’s the link to the post I wrote about its creation at Maine Crime Writers

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